At Datalink services we pride ourselves on our extensive iPad repair services. No matter the model or generation of iPad you have we can help. Based in our premises in Renfrew we can repair your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and any other Apple repair that you may need. We can repair and replace broken and cracked screens, camera issues, home button problems, as well as any other need that you may have. As we won’t charge you a penny if we can’t fix your iPad you have nothing to lose. So why not pop down to our shop in Renfrew to see what we can do for you.

At Datalink services we understand how much your iPad or table can be to you. It is an important store of photos, messages and social media. It is also important for recording important notes, watching Netflix and listening to Spotify. So we know what a pain a broken or faulty iPad can be. But do not fear, whatever your iPad issue may be we at Datalink Services are here to help.

As we have been established in Renfrew since 2002, we are well experienced in providing repairs to all your iPad needs. We can repair: speakers/mics and all other audio problems; broken LCD and touchscreen and can replace them if necessary; we can deal with battery issues such as not holding charge or not powering up; also, we can help with camera issues, such as no camera display or a crack on the lens; we can also deal with unresponsive home buttons as well. At Datalink Services we can also deal with a number of software issues, such as wifi connectivity problems and bluetooth issues.

So if you are looking for an extensive iPad repair service in Renfrew then you need Datalink services. Whether you have an iPad Pro, iPad Mini iPad Air or the original iPad we can help. To find out more information you can pop down to our shop in Renfrew or contact us with the details at the bottom of the page.