Welcome to Datalink Services. We are proud to service Paisley as one of the leading iPhone and Apple repair shops in Paisley. Based in Renfrew, we are on hand to deliver a fast, quality service that won’t break the bank. No matter your issue, broken or cracked screens, water damage of faulty parts, we’ve got you covered. We can fix all generations of iPhones, from the very newest iPhone 7 Plus, the older iPhone 6, even the iPhone 4. Plus we are proud to say that we won’t charge you a penny if we can’t fix your iPhone. So what do you have to lose? Come down and visit our shop right away.

At Datalink Services we know how important that our phones have become. They contain every part of our lives- from photos to phone calls to texts to social media. So we know in what a sticky situation that a broken phone can put you in. You are no longer able to use maps to find your way, google that recipe on the way to the supermarket or keep on top of the latest hashtags and trends. That is why we pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient service. We can repair all iPhone problems in Paisley, or we won’t charge a penny.

Our Services

Our iPhone repair services include- water damage; cracked screens; broken screens; unresponsive touchscreens; faulty home buttons, power buttons and volume buttons; broken front or back camera, faulty mics; headphone jack problems; we can also deal with any other problems that you may have. We can also repair a number software issues, so if your wifi, bluetooth or any other services aren’t working we can help. At Datalink Services, we pride ourselves in our extensive services across Paisley.

So if you are looking for a fast and efficient iPhone repair service then look no further than Datalink services. As we have been established since 2002, we assure that you will receive a quality service. We can repair any iPhone fault from broken screens to water damage. So why not pop down to our store and see what we can do for you? Alternatively you can phone us on  0141 886 5050, or email us at info@datalinkservices.co.uk.