Project Description

Website Design; E-commerce | Branding | Design

We were approached by Woodworks Glasgow to design them a website to help them in launching a new marketing campaign. After discussing a number of various design choices and colour palettes with them, we had a rough idea of what the website should look like and set to work creating a few design concepts. Using feedback about the concepts we created a final version, which Woodworks were more than happy to use and a logo that represented them well.

On top of the website, we created a design for their brand and a custom logo design to be used on the website. We also discussed the option of running a social media marketing strategy and decided that creating a twitter page and Facebook page would be in their best interest.

For this website, we created and used visual content to make it easier on the eyes and more appealing for users, including a number of images used as navigation points to take users to various parts of the website. We also created a floating navigation menu, to allow users to move seamlessly from one page to another, no matter how far down a page they are.

As with all of our websites; we made sure that the site and images were all optimised and mobile friendly.

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