Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) involves the use of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to host content, reach customers and clients, and generally promote the interests of your business. Many big brands use social media as part of their marketing strategy and to interact with customers. The advantage this brings is the ability to attract users who are interested in your area of business and promote content through user sharing trends.

While social media interest can truly strengthen your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, it is not entirely essential to the success of your website. A good SMM campaign should complement and promote your website and business interests, not make up for the site’s shortcomings. Even the best SMM campaign can’t cure a website that is poorly structured or lacking in content, so it is therefore vital that your website is built to a high standard and contains content that a concentrated SMM campaign can promote and augment.

It is not enough to simply be liked by a few hundred users; hard work must be put into creating quality content that users want to share and discuss. With time and input, a well-executed SMM campaign will deliver positive results and cement the overhaul you want to give to your business’ online performance.

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Why Social Media Management?

In the UK alone it is estimated that more than 50% of the population has a presence on Facebook. The convenience of having so many potential customers on just a single platform alone is obvious, but more than that, it is the nature of user sharing that really displays social media’s worth – good content that users like to read is more likely to spread on social media since users carry some of the legwork by sharing it themselves. Popular content on one social media platform is also more likely to be shared on another platform.

If you have content that is being shared and discussed on social media platforms, it then provides more and more opportunities for search engines to find you through keyword searches and therefore more opportunities for people who are interested in your business or services to find you. SMM can serve to magnify the positive effects of SEO by helping to associate your business with keywords through social media networks. Co-ordination between these two different services is vital to ensure the correct associations are made and that your website’s visibility is maximised.

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Why Datalink?

We understand the role SMM plays in transforming the visibility of your website towards the best possible outcome. Combined with our strengths in web design and SEO, a well-measured SMM campaign can compound the benefits of a high-standard, SEO website and introduce your business to huge new audiences.

For example: a good page on Google Plus will help boost your search engine ranking on Google since the company prefers to have people using Google tools such as Analytics and Places, which we also utilise for clients’ websites.

Anyone can set up a Facebook page and pay for advertisements, but it takes dedicated time and research to identify target audiences and to co-ordinate a SMM campaign that plays to your website’s strengths and shares content that is appropriate, based on your website’s traffic and user base.

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